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This Chevy Roadster has Style!

In 1999, the GM Design Center proposed a futuristic vehicle that celebrates the company’s rich automotive history. This retractable, hardtop convertible takes cues from the company’s successful truck line, and the inspiration for the Super Sports Roadster (SSR) design originates from the Chevy pickups of the early ’50s.

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SSR Information and Dealership

The SSR became the quintessential choice for street-rod truck enthusiasts. They are a strong visual statement as well as incredible V8 performance, two trademarks of Chevrolet.

Designers didn’t use traditional scale models or clay. Instead, they used a math-based, computer-driven process to explore design options. This meant increased speed, greater design accuracy and improved integration with the studio’s engineering partners.

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You know that we love our Hyundai cars, but really, we are passionate about all cars — especially the classics, and the SSR emulates everything that is the 1950s line of Chevy trucks. At our North Freeway Hyundai location, we offer a beautiful selection of Classic and Specialty Cars including the Chevy SSR.